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1 W Hill St Ste 205
Wabash, IN 46992
Office hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday-Friday
Calendar: 12/07/2017  Thursday  December 7, 2017  07:00 pm
Wabash County Plan Commission
Regularly scheduled meeting of the Wabash Co. Plan Commission Board

Donald Harney, Unsafe Premise order Lagro Twp. (Urbana Plat)
Chris Shelton, Unsafe Premise order, Lagro Twp. (Urbana Plat)
David Moser, Unsafe Premise Order, Lagro Twp. (Urbana Plat)
Alan Jachinski, Unsafe Premise Order, Lagro Twp. (Urbana Plat)
WECS, Discussion, County Wide
CFO Ordinance, Draft Copy Review, County Wide
Solar, Review, County Wide
Mowing Liens Ordinance, Discussion, County Wide
Trail Setbacks/Floodplain Permits, Discussion, County Wide
Parcel Review Committee, Discussion, County Wide
Nathan Ebert, Complaint Update, Waltz Twp.
Ricki Newsome, Complaint Update, Lagro Twp.
New Ordinance Book Review Continued, County Wide

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