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What are the requirements to place a cell tower in Wabash County?


Towers permitted in Zones A, FR, I, and IR

1 Preliminary sight sketch.
2 Survey of property.
3 Exact location of tower, equipment buildings, fencing, and drive.

4 Dimensions of tower.
5 Dimensions of buildings and type of construction.
6 Fencing will be at least six (6) feet high with barb wire on top.

7 Pictures of tower to be installed.
8 Statement of no interference.
9 FCC and FAA approval.
10 Start and completion date of project.
11 What are plans for tower if not used for a period of time.

*12 Set back requirements: Two hundred fifty feet (250) from county roads.
Two hundred fifty feet (250) from any residence.
Two hundred fifty feet (250) from any property line.
13 There will be no dwellings in tower fall zone.
14 Copy of agreement with land owner for use of site.
15 Need road entrance location so site can be E911 addressed.

16 Have County Highway Director size culvert pipe to be installed.

17 Attend Plan Commission meeting and request a favorable recommendation.

18 Attend board of Zoning Appeals meeting for final approval.

19 County will possibly ask for consideration to use tower space for E911 equipment. Installation would be under tower company supervision or directive.
20 Absolute maximum tower height????
21 No signage shall ever be used on any TOWER OR TOWER SITE for the purpos of advertising or to promote any product or service.

* This is set back requirements for a two hundred (200) foot tower. Taller towers are subject to TOWER HEIGHT PLUS 50 FEET.

Setback for towers with guy wires. Include guy wires in setback ?????

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